3 Ways to Save Money on Your Move

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With costs of nearly everything in our day to day lives rising, many are looking for ways to slim down their unnecessary expenses and make their hard earned money last. When relocating, whether it’s within the same city or an interprovincial move, there are a few ways in which every Canadian can save money. From repurposing materials as packing supplies, purging old or unused furniture through yard sales or consignment stores, to finding the most cost effective means to transport your belongings, we’ve got some great ideas to keep your money in your wallet, while benefiting the environment.

1. Repurpose unused boxes when packing

Some often overlook the costs associated with packing your belongings–especially if you have children or multiple years’ worth of items to sort through. Going to your local hardware or container store can cost you upwards of $100 on boxes. Many stores, including big box retailers and liquor stores receive near daily shipments, and throw these boxes away. To save money on moving materials, head to your local grocer and inquire about any boxes to be thrown away. Stores will often gladly provide you these at no cost, taking the work of recycling them off their hands while finding a way to repurpose cardboard that would otherwise be thrown away. You can feel good about saving money, and lowering your impact on the environment.

2. Sell your old, large or burdensome belongings

This option is particularly effective for those moving longer distances. Often, the cost of transporting your belongings across large distances costs more than the furniture itself. Compare the costs to move large furniture, such as sofas and beds, with the cost to purchase them new or used in your new location. In many instances, it’s more cost effective to sell your items before moving and purchase furniture upon your arrival. Additionally, this also combats unnecessary pollution associated with moving large furniture–so you can feel good about that too! 

4. Shop around for the best mileage rates on moving vehicles

Another major expense is the cost to transport your belongings. Even if you do sell off your large items, you may still need a means to move the rest of your furniture. Many popular moving companies charge a daily rate + mileage, which can add up quickly, especially on larger moves. For these instances, renting vehicles through hardware stores will potentially save you hundreds of dollars. These businesses often have vehicle rentals for projects customers take on, and many charge much less than your major moving van rental companies. Select options offer fixed rate rentals on large trucks and vans, compared to moving companies that add expenses wherever they can. 

Overall, finding the best ways to stretch your money is up to you–but with these few tricks, you’ll be able to utilize these funds towards your new space, rather than just getting you there, and you can feel good doing it.

Now that you have a good understanding of efficient ways to save money on your next relocation, when the time is right, give Montreal House Buyer a call at (514) 612-7785.

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