Being Accommodated During Real Estate Transactions

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Many homeowners who are mulling over the idea of selling their home will be faced with decisions about how to properly manage their belongings, coordinating closing dates to align with their new residence occupancy date, as well as various housekeeping tasks such as cleaning or dealing with years of built up unwanted belongings. One way sellers can easily manage all of these challenges is by avoiding the traditional, overwhelming and time sensitive market and selling privately to a cash buyer, such as Montreal House Buyer. These cash buyers are able to provide services such as clean-up services, and can work with sellers to secure a closing date that fits their life–not the buyers. 

One of the first thoughts that come to mind when thinking of selling a property is the belongings accumulated over time, and how to organize, dispose or move them to the new property. While this can be a struggle for many who sell traditionally, when working with a cash buyer such as Montreal House Buyer, organization and cleaning services can be scheduled on behalf of the seller by the cash buyers, taking the stress out of the equation and allowing the seller to focus on the bigger picture.


A stressor for many homeowners who recently sold their home is ensuring their financial contingencies are secured with their banks or mortgage lenders in anticipation of moving into a newly purchased space. On top of that, homeowners can be stressed about the buyers status, hoping a hiccup doesn’t arise that would prevent them from closing and unlocking the funds from the sale of their home that allow them to secure their new home. Cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer, can sometimes coordinate the transfer of funds to the sellers accounts ahead of the closing date on their new home–giving them an added sense of security and accommodation they cannot find on the traditional market. As they do not rely on banks or lenders to purchase these homes off-market, once a contract has been signed, the home is sold and the seller can confidently begin their next steps. 

Closing Dates

Lastly, sellers may be faced with a closing date that doesn’t align with their occupancy date of their new property, and this may cause them to seek temporary housing, a storage facility, and additional moving trucks–which can add up in both stress and spending. Cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer, will accommodate sellers with closing dates that work for their life, as cash buyers are not immediately occupying the property they purchase, and thus can work with sellers on a personal level that realtors cannot.

Overall, while many will be faced with difficult decisions during the sale of their home, cash buyers aim to take as much stress out of the process as possible, and provide convenience and personalization to each and every transaction, providing much needed relief to sellers operating within an often overwhelming system. If you’re looking for a home sale process that fits your life, reach out to Montreal House Buyer today to receive your fair cash offer.

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