Tips for Moving During Winter

While many homeowners looking to move typically do so over warmer, less hectic months, sometimes life happens and you cannot avoid a move during the winter season. Though it may seem overwhelming to contemplate the long list of tasks to prepare for such a relocation, by taking extra care in your preparation, the entire process will run much smoother. By spreading the move out over multiple trips, being flexible with your expectations and packing off-season items ahead of time, your move will be as seamless as possible.

Take Your Time

One of the best ways to lessen the burden in a move, regardless of the time of year, is by spreading the stress of packing over a long period of time, from 3 to 6 weeks ahead of the scheduled moving day. In the winter months, to speed up the process, pack your warm weather apparel, seasonal attire and accessories as soon as possible–ideally as soon as you know you’re planning to move. By packing these off-season items ahead of time, the process of packing the final bits closer to the moving date will seem like a breeze. For added convenience, consider utilizing vacuum packing bags that minimize space, so you can tuck these pre-packed items away for when the time comes for you to rotate your seasonal attire. An extra level of convenience can be attained if a seller chooses to sell to a cash buyer, such as Montreal House Buyer, as these buyers purchase properties as-is and will deal with any unwanted items left by the previous owner.

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