4 Steps to Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

There are a few options available to homeowners looking to sell their home. For many, the traditional and most popular method–selling on the open market, is a good choice for them, but for many others who lack the time, finances or desire to wait weeks or even months, there are cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer, that can make the process much simpler and provide sellers with a multitude of benefits. For those considering selling to a cash buyer, here are 4 easy steps, from Montreal House Buyer specifically.

1. Expressing Interest

The first step is always daunting, but once you’ve made the decision to sell, you’ll need to get the ball rolling. It’s never been easier to get in touch with a cash buyer, as you’re able to inquire via telephone or online, from the comfort of your own home. Simply pick up the phone or fill out an online form and the hardest part is done!

2. Discussing your Needs

Next, you’ll be in touch with a Seller Service Representative who will speak with you to determine your needs, and whether or not a cash buyer such as Montreal House Buyer is the right choice for you and your home. There are no obligations to these discussions, and they can help you determine what you want to get for your home and the timing that you have in mind.

3. Property Walkthrough

Arguably one of the best aspects of selling to a cash buyer is the lack of showings or open houses. The only people visiting a home during the sale process when dealing with a cash buyer such as Montreal House Buyer are the Home Buying Specialists and partners. This means you can rest easy knowing your home doesn’t need to be pristinely maintained as typical with the traditional market–you don’t even have to clean for the cash buyers! At this stage, after a short walkthrough, you’ll be provided with a no obligation cash offer that you can either accept or politely decline. 

4. Flexible Closing

If the offer is accepted, the homeowner will be partnered with a specialist who will be assisting with the closing process to ensure a smooth transition for the seller, and to answer any and all queries they may have. This includes selecting a closing date that works for the seller’s life, rather than being tailored to the buyer. As cash buyers like Montreal House Buyer won’t be immediately occupying the home, sellers are welcomed to select a date from three weeks to four months! At this stage, the home will have been sold, and the homeowner can focus their energy on the next stage of their life. 

Overall, the process of selling to a reputable cash buyer such as Montreal House Buyer is as easy as it gets: just the seller, their lawyers, and the cash buyer! No open houses or showings, no commission fees, and flexible closing dates that align with the priorities of the seller–an unparalleled level of convenience. Connect with Montreal House Buyer today to explore your options, and kick off step one!

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