How Cash Buyers Are Able to Provide Exceptional Service

Homeowners looking to sell their home will have entertained various scenarios and opportunities for themselves to do so, and for those selling privately (or exploring their options), many may be left wondering how cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer, are able to provide these services that cannot be found when selling the traditional way. No, it’s not too good to be true! It’s as simple as 3 reasons:

1. They are not occupying the home immediately

For many instances, cash buyers purchase properties and intend to complete extensive renovations on the property, or simple cosmetic upgrades. This means that these buyers are not immediately occupying the space, and thus, there are no necessities to meet in terms of a timeline. They are able to provide sellers with the freedom to pick their own closing date because they’re flexible on when they take possession of the property, in complete contrast with buyers on the traditional market who are looking to immediately move into the home as the one they sold closes.

2. They are not representing a buyer–they are the buyer

Since cash buyers such as Montreal House Buyer are not acting as realtors, and aren’t representing a buyer, they do not charge commissions, and are able to provide these savings–up to 5%, to sellers. Traditionally, homeowners, whether buying or selling, are faced with fees to both the sellers agent and buyers agent–these fees are unavoidable in those circumstances, but when selling privately, there are no realtors to pay, and thus no commission fees!

3. They don’t rely on financial contingencies

When cash buyers such as Montreal House Buyer are placing an offer on the home, that offer is not conditional on a mortgage approval or other financial lending in order to seal the deal, unlike traditional buyers operating with a mortgage broker or other lender. In the case of a cash buyer, the capital is already secured and they are operating entirely independently of a financial institution. This saves the seller time, as they aren’t waiting around for the mortgage approval only for the deal to fall through based on the decisions of a banking institution. 

Therefore, cash buyers like Montreal House Buyer operate with the same great service in all transactions, and are able to provide unparalleled levels of convenience that cannot be found on the traditional market thanks to the above mentioned aspects. To explore the option of a private sale, reach out to Montreal House Buyer today to discuss your property and needs.

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