Why a Cash Buyer is Right For Those Looking to Sell Quickly – Part One

Although many homeowners who look to sell their home often give it much thought and have the opportunity–and privilege, to plan their sale ahead of time, some homeowners are not afforded such opportunities and are faced with a sudden circumstance that may necessitate the sale of their home. Reasons can include a loss in the family and the settling of an estate, to a sudden career change with the typical 2 week notice, or even those who find themselves suddenly overburdened with their mortgage or property related fees such as taxes or unforeseen expenses. For any of these reasons, among others, the traditional market may not move fast enough for them. These sellers looking to offload their biggest investment quickly are afforded an alternative option in private, all-cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer.

Family Responsibility

For those who have been faced with the need to sell a home to settle an estate, often the family responsible may seek to settle the sale of the home in an expedient manner and are sometimes faced with the overwhelming task of sourcing a realtor, repairs, staging a home, and hosting multiple open houses and fielding various offers with specific contingencies. While exploring the traditional route may be the more popular option, it often comes with weeks of preparation, and if the home is desirable, months of wait before the closing date and release of funds to the sellers. Cash buyers, such as Montreal House Buyer, offer an alternative that understands the value of time in these circumstances, and provides sellers with the freedom to sell on their time–by providing offers within days of expressing interest and allowing the sellers to select a closing date of their choice, in as short a time frame as three weeks. 

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