How to Save Up to 5% in Fees on the Sale of Your Home

Anyone who has sold a property the traditional way via a realtor will understand the discomfort of having to fork over anywhere from 2-5% of the value of the sale of the home to their real estate representation. While they often do good work and are an asset to some, for many, it can be an unneeded burden and chip away at thousands of dollars of equity that has been built up by paying mortgages on time, and being a good homeowner. For those who wish to save that commission fee, there are private options that do not require realtor representation, such as Cash House Buyer.

With private cash buyers such as Cash House Buyer, they’re able to operate without a realtor because they are not representing a buyer–they are the buyer! This cuts out the middleman, and conducts the transaction directly between the seller and the buyer, rather than the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. It’s a streamlined process that is intended to eliminate the hassle and time consuming nature of the real estate world.

With that being said, this means the property will not be listed for sale, and instead, will be purchased off-market, with a contract between the homeowner and the cash buyer. This doesn’t just mean that the seller saves the commission fees, but it also means that they’re front and centre in the negotiation and can decide critical terms such as the closing date and if they leave behind in the home–decisions not afforded to sellers operating within the traditional market.

With this direct approach, sellers are able to unlock the equity in their home with nothing owed to anyone other than their lawyers and the bank for whatever mortgage remains. After that, they can take the equity they’ve built up and put it all towards the critical next steps in their real estate journey.

If you or anyone you know is interested in selling but is deterred by the immense financial obligations associated with being represented by a realtor, reach out to Cash House Buyer today to discuss the fastest, easiest home sale option possible.

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