Selling a Home on the MLS: The Time Consuming Process

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Selling a home is a significant life event that often brings excitement for new beginnings. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the substantial time investment it demands. From the moment you decide to sell, the process begins, and it can be more time-consuming than anticipated. Sourcing a realtor out of thousands of options, ensuring the home is in pristine condition with tons of preparation, and crossing your fingers hoping all the contingencies pan out in your favour, such as inspections and mortgage approvals for the buyers.

Preparing a home for sale involves decluttering, repairs, and staging to create an appealing presentation. This alone can take weeks or even months. Then comes the meticulous task of listing your property, responding to inquiries, and scheduling showings, each of which requires dedicated time and attention.

Before you can list your home, you’ll need to hire a realtor. This can be daunting, as there are thousands in any given region in the country, and it’s a much more important decision than many realize. You cannot just ‘fire’ your realtor and select another one, you can’t de-list your home and sell it with another realtor immediately, among other restrictions included in the average realtor representation agreement. On top of these stressors, once you’ve selected an agent, they’ll give you another laundry list of suggested preparations.

In the case that you’ve made it this far, you’ll then be at the mercy of the realtor and their network. Will they work hard to sell your home? Will they be distracted with 5 other properties? Will they keep your best interest at heart? These are all valid concerns, and these issues can add time to the already lengthy process.

Upon the presentation of an offer, you’ll have to wait for inspections to pass, any last minute mortgage approvals, and of course, for the property to finally close. During this period, the entire deal could fall through, leaving you back at square one.

Ultimately, selling a home demands not just physical effort, but emotional energy too. Acknowledging the time commitment can better prepare you for the journey. While it might be time-consuming, remember that the goal of securing the best deal for your cherished asset is well worth the wait.

This is why many homeowners will opt to select a private real estate solution, such as Montreal House Buyer. Companies like these operate with the goal of providing a fast sale, convenient accommodations, and saves money with zero commission fees and no realtors. For any homeowners considering selling who want to save time, give Montreal House Buyer a call today.

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